Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pappasito's is great for groups

So, Heather finally got a new job! So, in honor of this event, I got a group of people together to celebrate. We decided on Pappasito's because it is Mexican and because it was a good location for various people coming from Atlanta or from Kennesaw.

And it's good for groups! I called ahead to reserve a table for 8, which they were happy to do. I also said that we wanted to sit on the patio, since it was so nice out. They said that was not guaranteed, but they would do their best. Fine.

We got there, and after a minor glitch of them sitting another large party at our patio table, they were able to still put us out there with just a small wait. No biggie, since people hadn't all arrived.

The food was good! Margaritas were good! And strong! I got my nachos with no meat, as usual. They don't do half orders anymore, so that's a bummer. I just can't do the whole order with all the chips I eat!

We ordered guacamole and yellow cheese dip, which was delish. Overall, a nice time!

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