Monday, March 31, 2008

Where have I been? Durham, for starters.

So...I'm a little bit behind on my blogging, but I haven't disappeared. It's more of a hiatus. I just returned from a week in North Carolina. The first part of the week was visiting my sister and her family. The second half was visiting Mike.

Because I'm behind in blogging about my food explorations, I will attempt to describe each experience concisely. We begin with:

Tuesday, March 25:
Kate and I went to eat burritos for lunch at a restaurant called Cosmic Cantina, in downtown Durham. To eliminate the risk of being redundant, I will link to my review on Yelp. In a nutshell, I thought it was good, but nothing spectacular. A cool hangout, I'll give you that.

For dinner, I was coerced to try borscht. It was surprisingly good, considering I find beets to be one of the most repellent foods there are. I'm not sure if it's a Polish thing to add various other stuff to the soup to make it hearty, but that's what we did: sausage, ham, hard boiled eggs, potatoes. I didn't like the actual beets, but the broth was tasty. And pink.

Wednesday, March 26:
Kate and I had sushi for lunch at a place, again in downtown Durham, called Mount Fuji. Again, here is my review on Yelp. The sushi was fresh, but nothing to rave about. Would've been just as happy with RuSan's. The service was nice.

We did dinner at a bar & grill called Federal. Here's the Yelp review. We brought the kids here, although I'm not sure I would suggest this place for kids normally. It's a bar, I think, first and foremost. But they were well-behaved for the most part. The patio is nice.

Thursday, March 27:
Kate and I went to Elmo's for lunch. I had asked to go here because I had a fantastic breakfast here on a prior visit, and was looking forward to trying it again. But, since we went for lunch, there weren't any breakfast specials, and nothing was really calling out to me. So I got a hummus sandwich.

The sandwich wasn't my favorite, but my opinion of this restaurant is still very high. The breakfast I had during my first visit was delicious. I can't recall exactly what it was, but I think I got a waffle with some sort of fruit in it. Not typically my thing, and it was awesome.

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