Monday, March 31, 2008

Where have I been? After Durham, Charlotte.

I drove down to Mike's on Thursday afternoon. My college roommate Kat is in Charlotte right now, helping her sis out, who just had her third child. Brave girl! Kat, Mike, and I met up on Thursday night, and went to a place called Arpa for dinner.

Mike said it all pretty succinctly in his Yelp post, but in my own words, it was good food, and the prices were reasonable. What went wrong was the portion size. Like, I thought the tuna I ordered was good. And I didn't even mind that it was $14. But for $14, I expect to have at least three pieces of it! Two little tuna nuggets for that price point didn't match up. I guess the way I feel about it is, I think I should have been a hell of a lot fuller having paid the bill that I did. But the food itself was decent enough. The drinks were very good. Maybe this should be a drinking place from now on.

After dinner, we stepped over to an Irish bar called Ri Ra. This place was fun! It definitely looked the part of the pub. The live music was awesome! As in, would come back just to hear them. They were able to get the entire bar revved up, with promises of various music, from 80s to "80s bluegrass"!

I was pleasantly tipsy -- see incriminating photo -- as was Kat. Or I guessed she was, since she was compelled to get up and grace the bar with a slightly modified River Dance knockoff. Priceless.

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