Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fontaine's has yummy bisque -- usually

Some friends and I went out to lunch at Fontaine's in the Highlands yesterday. I usually really like this place, and almost always order the soup and salad combo (lobster bisque + caesar salad = yum). This visit, however, fell a bit short.

It snowed this weekend in Atlanta. So we were freezing. Instead of my usual order, I went with a coffee, 8 Oysters Rockefeller, and a cup of the bisque. First, my waitress was pretty rude. She brought me lukewarm coffee, didn't bring me the water that I requested, and when I requested it a second time, she slammed it down hard enough on the table for my friend to make a comment.

I asked to have my coffee refilled. She said she'd have to make a fresh pot, in such a way that made it sound like I was causing her an injustice. I didn't get my coffee until we were half-way done through our meal.

The soup is usually thicker. This one was thin. Maybe it's the time of year so they don't have as much lobster meat to put in the soup, but it was pretty disappointing. The oysters were very good. Props there.

Typically, service is pretty slow at Fontaine's, but it has never been rude. I will discard this isolated long as it remains isolated.

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