Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Welcome to Charlotte! (Sunday & Monday)

Update (03/05/2008):
The deli, I figured out, is called Just Fresh. I gave it a pretty poor review on Yelp.

On Sunday, we tried out a deli that was in the Harris Teeter parking lot --can't recall the name: will have to ask Mike. It was just so-so. It felt like a chain, and the food was sort of cafeteria style. I got a dill chicken sandwich, which was okay considering dill isn't really my favorite. I got a cup of chicken chili on the side -- again, just so so.

I can't recall what Mike got -- Oven Roasted Sandwich? He wasn't impressed.

We won't be returning.

There's a coffeehouse in this shopping center called Dilworth Coffee House. Mike seems to really like it. I will have to try their chai tea when I visit again.

We went out for sushi on Sunday night. We ate at Nikko's Sushi, which is walking distance from the apartment. It was so good. As in, one of the best sushi meals I've had in a long time. We will definitely be back. The vibe inside is very trendy. We sat, of course, at the bar, and our waitress was very helpful. She suggested several things, and the item we got was good! We also had the tempura --not a usual for us-- and that was good too.

Monday morning, I drove back to Atlanta. There's really nothing to report, other than I stopped by Martin's Restaurant, based on some friends' recommendations. It totally hit the spot. I had a sausage biscuit that was so yummy. They recommended the pork tenderloin biscuit, so I will get that next time.

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