Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chicken and Brie: nom nom nom

I met Kelley out for dinner at 97 Estoria. This place is just a stone's through from her place, and is quite great. It might be a tad intimidating for the yuppy-at heart -- you'd almost think it'd be a pre-req to have a tattoo before stepping into this place -- but the food is delicious, and the beer is cold. And I'm sure my boyfriend would like me to note: they have pitchers of PBR.

I always get the chicken and brie sandwich when I go here. It's so freaking good. I mean, really. Even now, after thinking about it, I want to go over there and get a sammy to go. Alas, I am at home on the couch with the flu. Bugger!

They also serve potato chips with blue cheese on top. That's quite delicious too, although I couldn't see making a whole meal out of it, and it's a gigantic serving. But a good idea if you have a group.

One final thought: this place is hella smoky. Don't plan on wearing anything that can't easily be washed.

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