Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mike and I finally got to celebrate V-day by going to Lulu's, a small restaurant over in Elizabeth. Mike had gotten the idea to come here based on the recommendation of a foodie he knows. Specifically, she noted that the cheese that they serve on the antipasti plate was yummy, so we ordered that to start. It was very tasty! The star of the plate was these little pepperocini peppers that were stuffed with a meat and cheese. Mike loved those. Quite tasty.

Dinner was good, although nothing fantastic. Mike ordered a steak and fries dish. The steak was fine, but nothing special. The sauce he had was good. The fries were overcooked. I ordered a veal special that was served with a shrimp risotto and asparagus. It was good to me, but the sauce they had was a bit bland. Mike hated it.

The dining experience was nice, but not really romantic. We had a somewhat snooty French waiter who was damn near impossible to understand. But I did like the space. It would make for a good first date spot, I think.

After dinner, Mike and I headed to a wine bar called Dolce Vita Wine Bar. This was a neat space. It was a young crowd, probably college students, and wasn't too crowded, so we were able to get a table to watch the live music. It was a mix of good talent, and others with not as much talent but plenty of charisma. It must have been an open-mic night. We were certainly entertained. The wine was nice too. Check out Mike's review of this place on Yelp.

We then went to another bar after that. Too drunk to recall the place, sadly. It is probably a good place for a casual night of beers.

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