Monday, February 4, 2008

Mike is here!

Mike was in town this weekend, and we tried a variety of new places this weekend, which was quite fun and quite yummy!

On Friday night, we went for a late dinner at Sala, which is up-scale Mexican dining in the Highlands. The ambiance inside is really nice, and we had a waiter that was really helpful. We ordered taquitos for the appetizer (a last minute change by Mike -- I had heard the cheese dip, made with goat cheese, was ridiculous), which was okay.

The main courses arrived: I ordered Pollo con Espinacas, based on the recommendation of the server, and my expectations were not let down. It was so good! The only complaint was that I expected the chicken to be boneless. And for the most part it was! But there was a small bone in the dish which was hard to cut around without splashing little drops of cream sauce on myself.

Mike ordered beef enchiladas, which I think he enjoyed. In my opinion (and I think secretly in his), my dish was better.

We both got prickly pear margaritas, which were served with no ice. They were really tart, making us wish we had ice in our glasses, so for our second round, we made the request, and they were happy to oblige.

At the end of dinner, we migrated to the bar to finish our second drink. Mike got a wild hair to try some tequilas, so we discussed with the bartender. Criteria: we want something good, but not Patron, and not too terribly expensive. He promptly pulled down a bottle, and poured us some shots.

I sadly can't remember the name of the tequila, but I thought it was good! I'll have to ask Mike if he remembers the name of it... He also gave us a small taste of another tequila, which was much smokier. I preferred the first, and we contentedly sipped our shots, and pretended like we were tequila connoisseurs.

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