Monday, February 4, 2008

Sotto Sotto

For dinner, Mike and I went to Sotto Sotto, which was great! The location was very trendy and pretty romantic. First, we had a round of martinis, and the bartender didn't over-dirty mine, which was nice.

For our appetizer, we ordered the antipasto plate. I was highly impressed on the serving amounts! Plenty of times, I've gotten a similar item for a similar price point and gotten such measly serving sizes. With this plate, you got three types of cheese, a variety of olives, and three types of meat. There was so much on the plate that we never finished it all.

For dinner, I ordered risotto. I'd never had it before, and I must say, it's pretty good! The one I ordered had wild mushrooms in it. I was expecting the texture to be mushier than it was, but it tastes very much just like rice, but with a creaminess to it. Thumbs up!

Mike ordered a duck breast pasta. It was good too, but I liked mine more. His tasted to me very much like lasagna. For dessert (yes, we went all out!), we had their ricotta cheesecake. SO GOOD. It was topped with some type of cherry and cherry sauce, and the crust was served on top, somehow. It was quite yummy.

Oh, I should also mention that we had a glass each of the barolo wine. I didn't look at the wine menu, so that's all I can say about the type of wine. But it was hella good. Worth remembering -- I'd definitely drink that again.

Final thought: the valet guys were hilarious. Mike and I were highly entertained.

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