Monday, February 4, 2008

Whoa! Lay off the eggs, will ya?

I coerced Mike into hiking Stone Mountain on Saturday, so we actually woke up at a decent hour on Saturday so that we wouldn't waste the day away.

Before heading out to the park, we wanted to get a quick breakfast, so we stopped at Highland Bakery to get a sandwich. Wow, this place gets packed! I had only been once before, at 7AM on a weekday -- let's just say that it wasn't quite as bustling at it was on Saturday AM.

The layout was a bit claustrophobic. Not of the restaurant, mind you, but of the wait area. I easily get anxious when stuck in a tight space, so I backed myself up against a wall while we waited for our food. Next time, we'll have to actually wait for a table, and hopefully that will be a bit more sane.

My bacon, egg, and cheese croissant was good, but oily. And whoa, did they put a lot of egg on it or what? I started pulling egg out of it because there was just too much. By the time I had finished my sandwich, there was enough egg left over to create two servings. And I left a bunch on my sandwich. I wouldn't be surpised if there were about 6 eggs on my sandwich.

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