Wednesday, February 27, 2008

OK Cafe's mac and cheese and squash casserole is out of this world!

Yesterday, Mom met me out at Lenox to go shopping. Afterward, we went to OK Cafe, one of our favorites. It's so freaking good. It's over in Vinings, but since it's on the way home for Mom, it makes a good stop for her.

The decor inside is fun and kitschy. There's a money tree inside, for example. You know, it's just fun. Interesting artwork. Total diner feel. And hella good food.

OK, OK, I have fallen victim, once again, to ordering only one thing on the menu. But once you know something is good, why would you stray? It's the veggie plate. You get to choose from four of the items on their veggies list, and the options that I always go for are: green beans, steamed cabbage, mac and cheese, and squash casserole.

OK, the green beans and cabbage are your basic run of the mill. But the mac and cheese and the squash casserole is so good, it'll make you cry. The mac is made with several cheeses, not sure which ones, and the squash casserole is also made with cheesy goodness. It's southern cooking like southern cooking should be.

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