Monday, February 4, 2008

No idea who's playing: I just like to throw parties

Sunday night, I hosted a Super Bowl party with a small group of friends. Just like last year, I ordered BBQ from Daddy D'z. It's super easy, super good, and everyone seems to like it.

This year went well. I ordered 4lb of BBQ for about 12 people, and I had enough leftovers to send some home with a few people, plus enough for several sammies for me. I also ordered slaw -- six servings, which was way more than enough. I document this, because I couldn't remember how much I ordered last year, and want to be sure I have enough, but not too much, for next year.

This year, I took people up on them bringing stuff. Al brought chips, Amanda brought four dips, Laura brought buns and pickles, and Amber surprised us with her homemade pinwheels. Note to self: don't tell a person to bring buns if she isn't going to get there promptly.

Daddy D'z is the bomb. First, let me just say how friggin' nice they are there. Both times I've called ahead for BBQ, I've talked to super friendly people who went out of their way to help me plan for the event. And the BBQ is just really good. I highly recommend!

The Giants won. Yayyyy. That's about the total excitement you'll get from me about pro football.

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